Weight Loss on a Budget

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Weight Loss on a Budget

Losing weight is serious business, but it doesn’t have to make a dent in your finances. Here are 5 practical tips for weight loss on a budget:

Practice portion control

An easy way to consistently lose weight is to count calories. I like to do this with the Myfitnesspal app as it also gives recommendations for daily intake of food groups.

I have consistently lost weight with this app, simply by sticking to my daily intake goals and weighing my food. Any old scales would do. When I first started weighing my food I was shocked to find out how badly measured my portions were; our measurements aren’t as accurate as we like to think.

You could also splash out on the Healthy Portion Plate to keep your portions in check.

Find an online community 

Join one of the many online weight loss communities to get support and inspiration. There are blogs, forums, groups and more all over social media, just filled with like-minded people. Find what works for you and go with it.

My favourites:

  • Myfitnesspal has a great forum
  • Reddit – r/loseit and r/progresspics (r/loseit has some helpful resources too.)
  • If you want to blog your journey, Tumblr has a ‘fitblr’ community. Great for inspiration!
  • Instagram is really useful. You can find people like you and document your journey.

Get inspired for free

Save money on buying all those weight loss and health magazines, by reading them for free with Issuu.

Pinterest is also a great source for inspiration for meal and exercise ideas.

Search for free ways to exercise

There is a wealth of free exercise resources just waiting to be found online. Bring the exercise classes to you and pocket the difference!

Why not search for videos online or download an app for easy access on your phone? There are numerous free pedometers in the app store if walking’s your thing.

Go to your GP

Your GP should be able to offer free or discounted vouchers for weight loss clubs or your local gym. This varies between locations, but still worth asking!

Do you have any budget weight loss tips?

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