Enter these 5 daily sweepstakes for free

There are a handful of sites that provide free chances of winning money daily. All you need to do is register and check once a day to see if you’re a winner, it really couldn’t be easier!

Ashleigh Money Saver Daily Prize Draw

There is a daily chance of winning £50 if your name is picked in the prize draw. You can sign up with your Facebook account, or you can register through the site if you wish. It resets every day at midnight but you can only claim your winnings on the day of winning. You therefore must check the page every day to see if you’re a winner.

If you do win a button with the word ‘claim’ will appear and you’ll receive your money within 7 days. The prize is a £50 gift voucher to an unstated retailer.

Click here for the daily prize draw


Free Postcode Lottery


With the Free Postcode Lottery, you sign up with your postcode and if it’s picked you’ll win however much is in the prize pot and any bonus you may have secured. Much like the prize draw above, the Free Postcode Lottery resets at midnight every day with a new winner. The main game is called the ‘Jackpot’ but you can also win on a ‘Survey,’ ‘Mini’ and the ‘Stackpot’ draws.

If multiple people win with the same postcode then the winning amount will be split between the people who claim. Only one person may claim the Mini draw, which is first come first served.

The Survey draw is worth £75 a day (or more if the prize rolls over) and it sometimes requires you to complete a survey to see the winning postcode.

The Mini draw is a sneaky draw hidden at the bottom of the main page from 6pm til midnight worth £20.

The Stackpot draw is worth £10 daily between 9am and 9pm every day and you have until the next draw to claim.

The lucky winner can withdraw their winnings to their PayPal account, but you can request a bank transfer or an Amazon voucher if you’d rather.

Click here for the Free Postcode Lottery


Lucky Phone


Lucky Phone is a free daily prize draw where you can win money based on your phone number. There are two draws, the Main Draw, (which varies in prize money due to advertising revenues,) and the Lucky Dip draw, worth £5.

As with the previous two sites, it resets at midnight with new winners.

The Lucky Dip draw is not based on your phone number but a set of numbers which is sent to you once you confirm your email address. If you get points a confirm button will appear on the ‘check results’ page for you to click.

Aside from the main prize, if you get 7 or more matching numbers on either draw you’ll receive points, with 1000 points equal to £10. You can cash out with PayPal, or receive your money by BACS or cheque.

Click here to go to Lucky Phone


Number Plate Lotto


With the Number Plate Lotto you can win money daily just by entering your car’s license plate number. The draw takes place at 9PM daily and you have to claim your winnings within 24 hours or the money will rollover.

Like the others you won’t be notified by email if you’re a winner so check the site every day. If you’re the lucky winner a ‘Claim Money’ button will appear next to the winning number. Any winnings will be paid out to your PayPal.

Click here to go to Number Plate Lotto


Selfie Lottery


One of my favourites is the Selfie Lottery. A new winner is announced each day at 12PM UTC, giving the winner until 1AM UTC to claim any winnings.

All you need to do here is upload a selfie, and check every day to see if your selfie is chosen. If you’re the lucky winner you will see a button saying ‘Claim my Winnings’ beneath your photo. The money will be paid in to your bank or PayPal account.

Every day you visit you receive a 50p bonus, which will be added to your winnings if you win. For every friend you refer to the Selfie Lottery you’ll get another chance to win.

Click here to go to Selfie Lottery

All these are really quick and easy to register for and you can check them all in a couple of minutes a day. What are you waiting for? Fingers crossed!

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