Test websites and apps with Whatusersdo

Whatusersdo is a site that pays you for testing websites and apps. For only around 20 minutes of your time you can get £8 for a website test, and £15 for an app test.

The tests use a screen recorder to tracks your movements around the site, and a voice recorder for you to voice your opinions and thoughts as you test the app or website. The FAQ states you need to use Firefox on a Mac and either Firefox or Chrome on a Windows computer.

The owners of the apps or websites want to know what you think, so don’t be afraid to voice constructive criticism of the sites; this includes usability, loading speed, and ease of use etc. Voicing your thoughts can be difficult at first, but it gets easier the more tests you complete. If you say what you like or don’t like you’ll be on the right track!

When you’re finished recording you simply upload to the Whatusersdo website and you’re good to go.

Your Dashboard will look something like this:


You’ll be able to see the full task instructions before you start, so if you feel it’s not for you you don’t have to accept the invite. Your dashboard also lists any completed tasks, so it’s all easy to keep track of.

How will I get paid?

Whatusersdo generally arrange payout on the 25th of the month, save for weekends and any public holidays. You will need a PayPal account.

My experience

Whatusersdo is really easy to use, and pays really well. I tend to get a couple of emails a day inviting me to complete tests, so there’s a chance to make a pretty penny with Whatusersdo.

You need your voice to be clear, so I bought this this Logitech headset so I can be as easy to understand as possible.

Sign up to Whatusersdo today

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Book Review: 50 iPhone Apps to Earn Cash

Book Review: 50 iPhone Apps to Earn Cash

Emma Drew of fromalditoharrods has written an ebook entitled 50 iPhone Apps to Earn Cash.

If you want a comprehensive round-up of money-making apps, then this book is for you. Emma has found and listed  cashback apps, task apps, video apps and many more that will pay you for your time and efforts.

50 iPhone Apps To £arn Cash

I love the convenience of earning money with my phone. It requires minimal effort, I can earn while lazing in bed or relaxing on the sofa and it’s an ideal way to fill some free minutes. I’ve already posted some of the apps I like to use, included in this book are these and so many more. The book is 19 pages long but it is information dense with a  straightforward list of apps and a brief summary of each.

There was quite a few apps in the book that I hadn’t heard of before, and that I’ve downloaded after reading. If you feel that you know all the money-making apps, you probably don’t! Whether you want to be paid for your workouts or for completing surveys, you’ll find something to suit you.

Emma is really great at getting right to the point in her writing. There’s no messing around, the book is really accessible but highly informative. Emma is one of the reasons I made this blog, she is a total inspiration in the way she makes money from home, and she’s a great authority on money-making apps among other online earning adventures. The book is a great example of her expertise and definitely worth your time if you want to earn with your iPhone.

Buy the book today

If you think this is the book for you, it’s available for download on Amazon and is a steal at 99p. I highly recommend it and think it’s worth every penny.

* I received this book free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This post contains an affiliate link but it in no way affects my views.



Looking for a new money-making app? FeaturePoints rewards you for downloading apps.

Simply click on an offer, download and open the app, keep it open for a short time, and then return to FeaturePoints for your points.

Here’s an example of the app offer page:
FeaturePoints offers

FeaturePoints offers

Your points are usually credited immediately, sometimes however, your downloaded apps will be shown as pending for a little while. You will only be credited if this is a brand-new download for you, it won’t work on apps you have downloaded in the past. Make sure to complete any in-app tutorials too, otherwise the downloaded app may not register as opened and you won’t be credited.

FeaturePoints isn’t in the iOS App Store, so you will need to go to their website to download it. You can use FeaturePoints through your mobile browser if you’d prefer. It’s not available in the App Store as I think the whole model of downloading apps for money violates App Store rules, but it still works if you download it directly from FeaturePoints. I’ve seen similar apps moving their offers from app to browser like this, so don’t worry about the legitimacy of it, it’s legit!

If your account sits inactive for 60 days your points will return to zero, so make a point to open the app at times to keep your account active.

Refer Your Friends For More Points

The happy face in the top left of the above screenshot shows how many people referred, while the top right shows the FeaturePoints total. Similarly, the red numbers below show how many FeaturePoints can be made for downloading that app, and the bonus that can be made if referred friends download it too.

FeaturePoints has a great referral system; for every person you refer, you get 50% worth of the points they make for life! How’s that for a deal?


FeaturePoints has a great selection of gift cards just waiting for you. There’s the standard PayPal and Amazon vouchers, but also XBox, Google Play, Minecraft and many more.

The £1 Amazon voucher is totally achievable at 900 points.
FeaturePoints rewards

FeaturePoints rewards

My Experience 

I found out about FeaturePoints through a post that went viral on Tumblr. I was too impatient, so originally deleted it, but I’ve started using it again.

It’s one of my apps that I check once a day. It requires little effort and it’s only a few clicks to download any apps for your rewards. I keep it in my list of quick and easy slowburner apps.

Get Featurepoints today

FeaturePoints is available for Android and iOS (if accessed via their website: Go to featurepoints.com on your mobile browser and follow the instructions.)

Sign up with my referral code to get 50 points: 7Z4XZP

What’s your experience with FeaturePoints?

instant rewards

Instant Rewards app update

One of my old favourites, Instant Rewards, has just released a new update.

Instant Rewards is a money-making app that pays you for watching videos and completing offers.

What’s new?

This new update has seen an overhaul of the offer page. The old sparsely-filled offers page has been replaced with a selection of offer walls.

instant rewards app

Also with this update, two of the gift cards have been removed from the rewards options. You will now need 1000 credits to cash-out, up from the 750 needed previously, but the credits-to-cash rate still remains the same.

instant rewards app


My thoughts

I’m excited to see these changes. For the last few months it had become harder and harder to earn credits with the offer walls practically always empty. There are some great potential earners now with the addition of the well-known offer walls. I used to be able to cash-out once a month, but that had changed to once every few months. After this update, I think it will go back to being quite profitable.

Get Instant Rewards today

Instant Rewards is available for download for both iOS and Android. Get 10 credits to start you off with my referral code: tLTX2mbjNKktZ
update: they deleted and didn’t pay. Stay clear!


What is Quidco?

Quidco is a site that gives you cashback when you shop online and even in-store. It’s the site that pays you to shop.

What’s the catch? There isn’t one!

Quidco simply gets paid by retailers for successful transactions, and then passes some of this commission on to you. There’s no hidden charges, no surprise fees waiting to catch you out. The only drawback is that you sometimes have to wait a while for your cashback to reach you – see below the difference between the ‘purchase’ and ‘updated’ dates.


Quidco also features Clicksnap, online or via an app, where you can earn money for buying certain items from your supermarket and uploading the receipt. You can also earn money by completing paid surveys with Quidco Opinions.

How do I use Quidco?

When you plan on purchasing something, simply open Quidco, search for the relevant site and click on the ‘visit retailer and get cashback’ button. This will open the chosen website (which you use as usual) in a new tab and anything you purchase will be recorded by Quidco and you will receive notification of your cashback. It couldn’t be easier!

Your cashback will then be tracked, and eventually paid out to you. You can get paid with BACS or PayPal. Premium members can choose to be paid in Amazon vouchers, to which Quidco adds a 6% payout bonus.

My experience with Quidco

I first started using Quidco in September 2012, when I spotted a good offer for Disneyland Paris cashback. I’d just started a new job a couple of weeks before, and for the first time ever I had a massive disposable income! So my Quidco experience started with quite a few splurges.

I have had to raise claims’ a few times when my cashback hasn’t come through, or has been rejected by the retailer. The claim form is really straight-forward to use, and my cashback claims were all updated within about three weeks.

One thing with Quidco is the whole process can be quite slow. At present I’m waiting on cashback from purchases I made in April. But then again, you do get a nice surprise when your cash is available! I once logged in and had £25 waiting for me, which I then swiftly spent on myself.

Don’t expect for it to be money straight in your pocket, you will have a nice wait ahead of you. For free money though, it’s pretty great.

Join today and get £1.25 cashback

Join Quidco today and we will both get £1.25 if you sign up with my referral code, just click here or on the banner below.

I love Quidco