When selling online, profit is key. Rising eBay and PayPal charges and unexpected post and packing charges can really eat in to your earnings.

Here are my 5 tips to maximize your eBay profits:

List at the right time

Schedule your items to end when people are likely to be home, this way more people will be able to see the listing and bid. I usually like my items to finish after 7.30PM, when most people would have finished their evening meal and picked up their gadgets.

Take advantage of free listing weekends. A few times a year eBay offers free listing for the weekend, meaning you can avoid any of the fees associated with listing an item. Keep an eye on the announcements page as they usually only give a couple of days notice.

Make your listing POP!

Be as descriptive as possible to satisfy potential buyers.

Enter loads of keywords in the title. Don’t worry if it looks weird. More keywords, means there’s more chance of people finding your listing. So instead of listing “size 12 top” try “Size 12 White Top from River Island. Patterned.”

Make the description work for you. Add anything unique or defective that may be of interest to someone looking to buy your item.

Take good photos

On an eBay listing your first 12 photos are free. Take full advantage of this with attractive photos that make your item appealing. You don’t need a fancy camera, your phone will do.

Make use of natural light, position the item well, and keep the photo free from distractions. Appealing photos can make all the difference to your final sale price by getting people to stop and look at your listing.

Weigh your items

Avoid any surprise out-of-pocket costs by weighing your items to determine the correct postage required. It is so easy to misjudge the weight or size of the item which can lead to you paying extra for the correct posting.

Weigh your item before you choose your shipping options, a cheap set of kitchen scales would do the trick.

Be smart with packaging

If you’re selling a lot of items, why not invest in a box of jiffy bags? Buying in bulk now can save you a great expense in the long run.

Why not hoard jiffy bags and bubble wrap when you receive them through the post? Store them and reuse them later. I never pay for bubble wrap as I always seem to have some stored away.

So there we have it, my 5 tips to maximize your eBay profits. Following these tips can maximize your eBay earnings time and time again.

What are your eBay tips?

facebook selling

With rising fees of online auction sites more people are taking to other ways of selling their unwanted items. The popularity of sharing via Facebook has soared. If you’re looking to sell some old clothes or even niche collectables, then chances are you can find a group on Facebook for you. You can find everything from groups of sellers’ local to you, to international selling groups.

I have sold locally and internationally, and so far without a hitch! I find it’s a great alternative to eBay, and its never-ending fees and charges. Earlier this year a feature was added to Facebook that makes selling even easier! Now you can fill out the prompts on a form like this:
facebook form
Here everything is clearly set out, and it couldn’t be easier. Anyone can sell on Facebook, find out how with my tips for how to sell in Facebook groups:

Search for groups on Facebook.

If you’re looking to sell local, search by your town or county. If it’s more niche search by keywords and ‘sales’ or ‘selling.’


Have a look at what people are selling? How have they laid everything out? How much are they charging?

There might be group rules posted. Read these. There may be rules about how to post, or how often. They’ve been put in place to keep the group pleasant for everyone, best not to tick anyone off!

Take appealing photos

Make you items look as appealing as possible. Think about lighting and clearing things in the background.

Be descriptive

Be as descriptive as possible and list any defects. This will avoid any unnecessary problems later. If you’re selling in a local group state whether the item is for them to collect or if you can deliver it personally.

If you’re selling internationally, make sure to state what type of delivery you’re using and how long it will take to get to the buyer. Some people will pay extra for tracking so you can list different delivery options (and prices) if you wish. I’ve found as long as you’re clear about the postage, people won’t mind waiting a bit longer.


For local groups, people mainly just deal in cash. You could list PayPal or similar as an option if you wish.

For national or international groups, I recommend using PayPal and getting them to send payment as ‘Pay for Goods and Services.’


This will just ensure that you are covered by buyer’s protection should something go wrong. You can read more about buyer’s protection for PayPal here.


People will comment on your post for more information. If they are interested, generally they will send you a message to your inbox. Make sure that your privacy settings let people message you.

Also check the messages haven’t gone into your ‘other‘ folder.

Other tips

To bump your post to the top of the selling page you can post ‘sts’ (still for sale) in the comments. Try not to do this more than once a day.

Unfortunately you might encounter time wasters. I find it best to send a quick message to see if they’re coming to collect the items. If you receive no reply, assume that they no longer want it and move on to the next interested person.

For local groups, delete the posts when your item is sold. For international, I like to keep my posts up just so I have evidence of the transaction if I ever need it. I also like to ask people to let me know when their posted items arrive.

My Selling Experience

I have sold a few things locally, and a lot of things internationally.

I thought I had been let down for my local sale, as the man didn’t show up, but it turned out he forgot! But he showed up a few hours late and paid for his stereo. The majority of these groups work really well, and have people who post regularly with no problems. But it’s always good to be prepared for the time-wasters!

When I have things to sell internationally it’s generally my Disney collectibles like pins or Vinylmations. I have sent items to North America, South America and across Europe and all have arrived safely. I tend to just use the normal airmail postage, but I have a friend who offers several options of postage depending on people’s needs. The regular airmail can take a while but I’ve found that people don’t mind as long as you make the potential wait-time clear. Everyone I’ve sold to has been pleasant and I’ve never had any trouble.

Of course, in selling on Facebook there’s less security if things get lost or broken in transit. As there’s no disputes centre like on eBay it’s possible that you’ll be left high and dry. It’s important to always use ‘pay for goods or services’ on PayPal to ensure you have that protection. You will have to be trusting that people will keep up their end of the bargain. I can honestly say that I haven’t had a bad experience with selling on Facebook yet.


  • No fees or charges
  • More reach for people either in your area, or interested in specialised items


  • Less security ie no eBay Resolution Centre
  • Not knowing whether you should trust the person to follow through


Learn more about selling on Facebook through the Facebook Help Centre.
Do you have any tips for selling on Facebook?


Your skills are in demand, and now it is easier than ever to sell online. If you’re looking for some extra income, why not sell one of your skills online?

Maybe you’re a whizz with spreadsheets? Maybe you can crank out an engaging blog post? Maybe you’re great at creating headers? Whatever it is, why not try to market it online.

My favourite site for this is PeoplePerHour.

What is PeoplePerHour

On PeoplePerHour you can buy and sell ‘hourlies’, which are the skills that people buy or sell, sold in hour-long slots. In the past I have sold hourlies of my GIF making skills. When you sign up, you get a three-month free qualifying period. If you sell two hourlies with positive reviews in that time then you can remain on PeoplePerHour for free.

I recommend not taking on more work than you can handle, as bad reviews will reflect badly on you. In the settings you can manage your maximum number of hourlies at one time, and also set holiday hours.

You can message back and forth on PeoplePerHour. It’s important to see out exactly what is expected of you, and exactly what it is you’re charging for. You can add paid extras to your hourlies, in which people can pay more for things that include more time or faster delivery of your work.

When buyers pay for your skills and the money is placed in Escrow. Once everything has been satisfactorily arranged and completed, the money will be sent over to your wallet. Take in to account that PeoplePerHour takes fees; here for example I was paid £6 for an hourlie, and after all the relevant fees I was left with £4.71:


Payment is swift and easy, you can use the following to receive payment:


Why should I use PeoplePerHour?

Not only will you get extra income, it will look good on your C.V. You may also gain added confidence in your skills and abilities!

Why not link your profile to your LinkedIn page and add your new freelance work to your work experience?

How to get started

You can sign up for PeoplePerHour with my referral code here.

Spend time looking around and getting to know the site. I’d recommend looking for people who are selling the same skills that you intend to, and seeing what they do well on the site. See how they sell themselves in their descriptions’ and profile. Take this into account when you’re setting up your profile.

The competition can be fierce, so list what makes you unique, why people should take a chance on you. Take the time to proofread and rewrite your profile, and use high quality images too. You want to look as professional and inviting as possible.

There is more information on how everything works here. It’s all really easy to set up, and you should be able to figure the ins-and-outs intuitively, but there are useful guides if you get stuck.

If you enjoy PeoplePerHour you can receive £30 for every friend you refer!

Good luck, let me know how it goes!


Buy Unwanted Vouchers from Zeek

Zeek is an awesome little app where you can buy and sell gift vouchers for discounted rates.

You can find vouchers for your high street favourites like Argos, Boots and Debenhams, there’s supermarket and restaurant vouchers, and many more. Search by new, hot, and largest discounts, and also by shop category to find the best deals for you.


You then pay by card or PayPal for your vouchers. You may have to wait a few days for your voucher to be delivered to your ‘My Vouchers’ tab but I received mine through immediately.

There are amazing savings to be had by using the Zeek app. I signed up with the old promotion, which gave me a free £10 voucher which I put towards a £68 Evans voucher. The voucher was discounted to £60 and with my £10 promotional voucher, I only paid £50 total. Below are screencaps of what you can expect from your voucher page (the code’s already been used, unfortunately!)

Sell Your Gift Cards on Zeek

Don’t leave your gift cards lying around unused, sell them on Zeek! I haven’t personally done this yet but I’m definitely planning to in the future. Zeek is really user-friendly, there’s been no hidden charges or surprises. If you do decide to sell, the FAQ states that there’s a £3 processing charge for every voucher sold.

My Verdict

I have only used Zeek once so far but I’m definitely planning on using it again! I saved myself a bundle and everything worked smoothly. It was quick and painless shopping. I chose my voucher, paid, and it came directly through to me. Everything went without a hitch when I input my voucher code and pin into Evans. You can rest assured that this is a genuine site, and you won’t be ripped off.
I find Zeek user-friendly, easy to navigate and a pleasure to use. It’s really easy to use but there’s a walk through and an FAQ if you need it. Usually I download apps after I no longer need them but this app is a keeper!

Get Zeek today!

Zeek is available for download on both iOS and Android.

Use this code when you sign up and we’ll both get £5 to spend towards a voucher!
(Zeek promo code: 2C4765)


selling at car boot sales

My family has always been big on boot-sales. If we weren’t selling, we were out buying. Which tends to still be the case! In his retirement my dad has made a hobby out of selling at boot-sales, which he does most Sunday mornings. There is great money-earning potential in car boot-sales, so let me help you make the most of yours.

From my personal experience, here are my top tips for selling at boot-sales:

Get there early for a good spot

Location can make or break your earnings for the day. The right location can see the money rolling in, the wrong location and you’re out of luck. Get there early and your pockets will thank you!

Don’t be afraid to politely ask if you can have a different pitch to the one pointed out to you.

 Come prepared

Make sure you take enough change with you. Some buyers get there early to snag the best deals, so it’s best to have the right change right from the get-go. A great time-saving tip is to bring a large container for your money, so you can easily see what change you have.

I like to bring some plastic carrier bags along with us. People will ask if you have them, and they will be relieved when you say yes! Empty hands can be filled with more goodies.

Come prepared with essentials like food and drink, and seasonal accessories. You will be sitting outside for hours so you’ll want to be as comfortable as possible. I usually pack lunch and snacks, but sometimes we have a cheeky burger from the burger van. A thermos of tea can go a long way too.

Know your market

Different items will sell better in different locations. We go to a few different boot sales locations depending on what we have to sell. In more affluent areas we can sell more expensive or niche items. In less affluent areas, I find that clothes, toys, and household items go well. Use your judgement to secure the best possible earnings.

Keep an eye on the date

The number of people attending boot sales can vary drastically depending on the date. Around national holidays’ people are more likely to be saving the pennies and staying home.

Selling on bank holidays’ can be hit and miss; it can either be really quiet or really busy. Unfortunately it is difficult to predict which one it’ll be.

Keep an eye on the weather 

Rainy days’ often see boot-sales’ cancelled. People are also less likely to venture out on a rainy day. In case of rain it’s worth staying home and putting your feet up.

More and more boot sale organisers’ have taken to social media. Check to see if yours is online before you venture out, they might post status updates and save you a wasted trip.

Presentation is key

Arrange everything you’re selling to be as appealing as possible. Sometimes we like to pay for a double car pitch so we can spread everything out, and make everything more accessible and visible. Keep similar items close to each other, people will zone-in on what they’re looking for so it’s useful to keep similar things grouped together. Kids do go around with their pocket-money looking for items to buy so put suitable things on their level; laid out on a blanket, or at the front of a table.

Try and leave enough room between you and the seller next to you so there’s no confusion as to who’s selling the items. Bring blankets, tables, railings, whatever you feel is appropriate.  It’s a chance to get creative!

Chat with the other sellers

Get chatting with the other sellers around you, not only does it create a nice atmosphere, it can come in useful! If you need to pop to the loo you can ask them to keep an eye on your stuff, and they’ll probably ask the same of you. Quite a few times we’ve had other sellers ask us if we’d like their unsold things. Usually we snap it up and have more to sell next time.

Do you have any top boot-sale tips?