Much like Quidco, TopCashback is a site that gives you cashback and discounts on your shopping.

Shop smarter and get the best deals for your online and in-store purchases. You can get cashback on everything from groceries to insurance, so there’s a bunch of ways for you to make money when you shop.


There is a Free Cashback section of the site, where you can earn money without spending a penny! There’s everything from surveys and trials, to competitions and products. A great way to make those extra pennies.

Aside from the cashback you can get when you shop online, TopCashback has some great additional offers for shopping in-store.

  • There is a Printable Voucher page, with vouchers for restaurants, days-out and more.
  • There’s also a Snap & Save page, that gives you various rewards for snapping a photo of your shopping receipt.
  • You can register your card to get in-store rewards when you shop with your credit or debit card.
  • New to TopCashback is the Cashback Notifier add-on.

Getting started


It’s easy to get started with TopCashback. After a quick sign-up to the site, you can just browse the offers and click on what takes your fancy. That’s it! Just shop as normal and your cashback will show-up in your account within 7 days.

Just make sure to disable any adblocking software you might have.

Cashout options

TopCashback has an impressive number of ways to cashout:

topcashback topcashback topcashback

As you can see, there’s something for everyone. It’s great if you want to choose whatever is most convenient for you.

Join TopCashback today

Click here to join TopCashback

It’s free to join and a classic account is also free. You can choose to pay £5 a year for a Plus account, which gives you additional benefits such as bigger bonuses and faster payment.

download free apps

5 Sites that Pay You to Download Free Apps


Did you know you can get paid for downloading apps? If you’re looking to make a few extra pounds for just a few minutes of your time, you can! Downloading apps is the perfect way to make a little extra money in less time than it takes to put the kettle on.

Getting your points is easy; simply disable any adblock software, download the app, open it and complete any tutorials, then return to the site and your points should register. I have included the apps and websites I like and that have paid out for me.



FeaturePoints is a great app that rewards you with everything from Amazon & Starbucks vouchers to cash through PayPal. For every friend you refer you get half their points when they download an app. The the more friends you refer, the more you’ll earn. You only need 1050 for a £1 Amazon voucher, and with some apps giving you 250 points, it’s definitely easy money.

FeaturePoints is not in the UK iOS App Store, so will need to be viewed through your mobile browser. It is a genuine site and has paid out for me every time. The gift cards are also instant, so your gift card code will open in a new window. Awesome!


1o5o points = £1 Instant Amazon gift card

FeaturePoints – Android



You can be rewarded from 15 Swagbucks upwards for downloading apps. Very easy money, and there’s a range of apps to download for both iOS and Android, just search the homepage and under the Discover tab for apps to download.


849 Swagbucks = £5 Amazon voucher / 999 Swagbucks = £5 PayPal




Another one to access through your mobile browser, InboxPounds when viewed on a mobile has an apps tab. A pretty penny can be made for downloading apps with InboxPounds, but rewards can vary.


Cheque payment threshold is £20.00




If accessed through your mobile browser, InstaGC will give you loads of options for downloading apps, under different buttons.

You can get 40 points (repeatable once a day), and another 40 points (once every three days) for downloading one of the apps under the ‘InstaGC’ button. Check under all the buttons for apps, videos and more offers. InstaGC, as the name suggests offers instant codes for their gift cards. It’s 2015, forget this waiting malarkey!


160 points = £1 Instant Amazon gift card




Loot! has been quiet lately, but if you sign up to their daily rewards you receive a link to click in a daily email, and not only will you get upwards of $0.05 a day, you will get an app wall when the link opens in your mobile browser.


Cashout to PayPal at $10.00.

Loot! – Android / iOS

update: Loot aren’t replying to anyone, or processing anyone’s cash-outs. Stay clear!


Test websites and apps with Whatusersdo

Whatusersdo is a site that pays you for testing websites and apps. For only around 20 minutes of your time you can get £8 for a website test, and £15 for an app test.

The tests use a screen recorder to tracks your movements around the site, and a voice recorder for you to voice your opinions and thoughts as you test the app or website. The FAQ states you need to use Firefox on a Mac and either Firefox or Chrome on a Windows computer.

The owners of the apps or websites want to know what you think, so don’t be afraid to voice constructive criticism of the sites; this includes usability, loading speed, and ease of use etc. Voicing your thoughts can be difficult at first, but it gets easier the more tests you complete. If you say what you like or don’t like you’ll be on the right track!

When you’re finished recording you simply upload to the Whatusersdo website and you’re good to go.

Your Dashboard will look something like this:


You’ll be able to see the full task instructions before you start, so if you feel it’s not for you you don’t have to accept the invite. Your dashboard also lists any completed tasks, so it’s all easy to keep track of.

How will I get paid?

Whatusersdo generally arrange payout on the 25th of the month, save for weekends and any public holidays. You will need a PayPal account.

My experience

Whatusersdo is really easy to use, and pays really well. I tend to get a couple of emails a day inviting me to complete tests, so there’s a chance to make a pretty penny with Whatusersdo.

You need your voice to be clear, so I bought this this Logitech headset so I can be as easy to understand as possible.

Sign up to Whatusersdo today

Click here to join Whatusersdo

* this post contains a referral and an affiliate link, but this in no way affects the post or your user experience

11 simple ways to accelerate your swagbucks earnings
With any online money-making adventure, you want to make the most amount of money in the least amount of time. So I will now tell you my own 11 simple ways to accelerate your Swagbucks earnings

Complete your daily goal

You have two daily goals. The first when reached counts towards your winning streak, which gives you a bonus of up to 300SB a month. You’ll also get any daily bonuses added on top of this. So makes sense to reach them every day.

Use their search engine

A great way to make a bundle of Swagbucks, is using their search engine. Make sure to Space out your searches to once in the morning and once in the evening for the best results. It’s very unlikely that you’ll get two search wins  close together. You’ll learn by trial and error which searches get the best results for you.

Lately I only aim for the one search a day, and usually make around 8SB per search. I have made 50SB in the past.

Download the Swagbucks video apps

One easy way to earn Swagbucks is to download their video apps and watch the videos.

Each app has a different earning amount, between 10 and 36 SB daily, with bonuses available if you keep watching. Look out for the shortest videos and favourite them by swiping right over the video, you can then watch it on a loop in your favourites! Reddit has a good list of the shortest videos.

Check Facebook for codes

Most days Swagbucks will list a code that is redeemable for a couple of SB. Codes are usually active for an hour. Most days the code is available about 8PM GMT, but sometimes it’s in the early afternoon. It’s a matter of checking the Facebook page regularly, those codes add up fast, but they don’t last for long :(

Twitter games

Keep an eye on the Swagbucks Twitter feed, where you can find the occasional game and code.

Pick the best surveys

Look through all the available surveys before starting, to find the one with the shortest completion time and the highest Swagbucks.

The easiest are called ‘daily surveys’ and are often the most fun (in my opinion) to complete.

Skip low paying surveys and videos

I make it a rule to skip the low paying things unless it’s a slow day and I’m finding it hard to reach my daily goal. Your time is worth more than some of these offers. For example, some of the Peanut Labs surveys are quite low paying, so I will only attempt them if they’re under 10 minutes to complete.

Download apps

AppFly is quite well-paying, and good for slow survey days like Sunday. You get 45SB for downloading an app, which is quite a sweet deal for the short time it takes you to download. Find links for this and others on the homepage, or in the offer pages.

Check out the offers

This is the section I generally just skim through, while I look for apps and videos, but there’s some seriously great offers waiting to be discovered. If you know you’re planning on buying something, check to see if there’s any cashback offers for that item. You never know, and you could make back a tidy profit.

Complete tasks

There are Crowdflower tasks available to complete. Once you get used to them, you can complete them quite quickly, and potentially make a bundle of Swagbucks.

Refer your friends

Refer your friends and you get 10% of what your friends earnings for life. On that sweet note, if you want to sign up with my referral link I’d be happy as a clam!

Do you have any tips or tricks to accelerate your Swagbucks earnings? Let me know below!

weight loss

Weight Loss on a Budget

Losing weight is serious business, but it doesn’t have to make a dent in your finances. Here are 5 practical tips for weight loss on a budget:

Practice portion control

An easy way to consistently lose weight is to count calories. I like to do this with the Myfitnesspal app as it also gives recommendations for daily intake of food groups.

I have consistently lost weight with this app, simply by sticking to my daily intake goals and weighing my food. Any old scales would do. When I first started weighing my food I was shocked to find out how badly measured my portions were; our measurements aren’t as accurate as we like to think.

You could also splash out on the Healthy Portion Plate to keep your portions in check.

Find an online community 

Join one of the many online weight loss communities to get support and inspiration. There are blogs, forums, groups and more all over social media, just filled with like-minded people. Find what works for you and go with it.

My favourites:

  • Myfitnesspal has a great forum
  • Reddit – r/loseit and r/progresspics (r/loseit has some helpful resources too.)
  • If you want to blog your journey, Tumblr has a ‘fitblr’ community. Great for inspiration!
  • Instagram is really useful. You can find people like you and document your journey.

Get inspired for free

Save money on buying all those weight loss and health magazines, by reading them for free with Issuu.

Pinterest is also a great source for inspiration for meal and exercise ideas.

Search for free ways to exercise

There is a wealth of free exercise resources just waiting to be found online. Bring the exercise classes to you and pocket the difference!

Why not search for videos online or download an app for easy access on your phone? There are numerous free pedometers in the app store if walking’s your thing.

Go to your GP

Your GP should be able to offer free or discounted vouchers for weight loss clubs or your local gym. This varies between locations, but still worth asking!

Do you have any budget weight loss tips?