What is Quidco?

Quidco is a site that gives you cashback when you shop online and even in-store. It’s the site that pays you to shop.

What’s the catch? There isn’t one!

Quidco simply gets paid by retailers for successful transactions, and then passes some of this commission on to you. There’s no hidden charges, no surprise fees waiting to catch you out. The only drawback is that you sometimes have to wait a while for your cashback to reach you – see below the difference between the ‘purchase’ and ‘updated’ dates.


Quidco also features Clicksnap, online or via an app, where you can earn money for buying certain items from your supermarket and uploading the receipt. You can also earn money by completing paid surveys with Quidco Opinions.

How do I use Quidco?

When you plan on purchasing something, simply open Quidco, search for the relevant site and click on the ‘visit retailer and get cashback’ button. This will open the chosen website (which you use as usual) in a new tab and anything you purchase will be recorded by Quidco and you will receive notification of your cashback. It couldn’t be easier!

Your cashback will then be tracked, and eventually paid out to you. You can get paid with BACS or PayPal. Premium members can choose to be paid in Amazon vouchers, to which Quidco adds a 6% payout bonus.

My experience with Quidco

I first started using Quidco in September 2012, when I spotted a good offer for Disneyland Paris cashback. I’d just started a new job a couple of weeks before, and for the first time ever I had a massive disposable income! So my Quidco experience started with quite a few splurges.

I have had to raise claims’ a few times when my cashback hasn’t come through, or has been rejected by the retailer. The claim form is really straight-forward to use, and my cashback claims were all updated within about three weeks.

One thing with Quidco is the whole process can be quite slow. At present I’m waiting on cashback from purchases I made in April. But then again, you do get a nice surprise when your cash is available! I once logged in and had £25 waiting for me, which I then swiftly spent on myself.

Don’t expect for it to be money straight in your pocket, you will have a nice wait ahead of you. For free money though, it’s pretty great.

Join today and get £1.25 cashback

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I love Quidco

Free and cheap things to do at Disney World

Step away from the bustle of the crowds and enjoy the economical delights that Disney World has to offer. It is possible to keep all the family entertained for free, let me show you my favourite free and cheap things to do at Disney World:

disney movie

Watch an outdoor movie. For a memorable experience, watch an outdoor movie at one of the Disney hotels. Relax under the stars with your favorite films. Here’s a great in-depth schedule for all the hotels.

Find Hidden Mickeys. Hidden Mickeys are Mickey Mouse shapes that have been ‘hidden’ in designs throughout the Walt Disney World resort. They can take many forms, and can be found anywhere! Make a game of who can find the most.

Club Cool. For a refreshing drink (or ten) visit Club Cool in Epcot and try international fizzy drinks for free!

Become a Wilderness Explorer. Take after Russell from Up and become a Wilderness Explorer. In Animal Kingdom kids can complete up to 30 challenges and collect badges, in this fun and educational game.


explore the hotels

Explore the hotels. With numerous themed hotels, there is always something new and exciting just waiting to be discovered. Pop over to Animal Kingdom Lodge and look out for giraffes. Head over to the Polynesian and feel the sand between your toes. Go to Art of Animation and take your photo in front of the beautifully detailed courtyards. Why not try the resort’s signature food while you’re there?

Collect character autographs. For the price of an autograph book and a pen, you can have yourself hours of fun. Go on a mission to get certain character’s autographs!


Ride the monorail. Without spending a penny you can get a bird’s-eye view of the Magic Kingdom and the surrounding luxury resorts. Also a great way to take the weight off your feet and relax in some air-conditioning for a while.

Go to the Boardwalk. Delight in old-fashioned boardwalk entertainment. The quarter-mile long boardwalk features numerous shops, dining experiences, nightclubs and many more.

pin trading

Go pin trading. For a few dollars you can buy a Disney pin, and have a holiday’s worth of excitement. Pin Trading is a popular hobby for many, you can trade pins with other guests and with cast members. I like to have one pin that I will trade for the entire stay, this way it’s exciting to find out what you’ll finish up with.

Collect pressed pennies. Pressed penny machines are all over Walt Disney World, making them the perfect frugal collectable souvenir.

friendship boats

Ride the FriendShip Boats – Take a leisurely cruise up-river for absolutely free. If you’re lucky you will have a talkative captain who will act as a tour guide.

These are some of the many free and cheap things available for you at Disney World. The above list includes things I have experienced and enjoyed; the photos are my personal photos from my September 2014 trip.

Are you planning to try any of these freebies? Have you tried them already? Let me know in the comments!

game charges

In-app credits

When you’re invested in a game on your smartphone or tablet, it’s tempting to pay for those in-game extras. But those charges soon add up, luckily there’s a way to get around them!

Most games will allow you an option to make extra credits by watching videos or completing offers. You can find these under the game menu section. By spending a couple of minutes of your time, you can save yourself pounds from cash spent.

Here’s the purchase page from the Covet app. As you can see at the top are offers and videos where you can earn ‘diamonds’ for free. Below that are paying options:
Covet app

Covet app

I’m slightly addicted to the Covet app, and I make sure to watch the videos to earn ‘diamonds’ every day. One video watch is equal to 10 diamonds and I can make hundreds of diamonds a day. 600 diamonds currently sells for £1.49 on Covet. These freebies soon add up, and are worth the effort if you’re invested in the game! It’s easy to earn credits mindlessly. I usually earn whilst I’m watching tv or browsing the internet.

Like Covet, most apps will have similar free ways to earn credits, so be sure to check before you splash the cash. A lot of apps use My TapJoy, which you access through the app and it will redirect to open on your browser. Below, you can see a screenshot of the TapJoy offers available. There’s a great selection of offers to complete, so take your pick!


I have used TapJoy for a few different games and it always credits me. It’s a quick and easy way to make app credits, but it can really enhance your gaming experience.

Even if there isn’t an obvious free way to earn credits, there may be a hidden way. Below there’s a screen cap of the Tomb Raider Relic Run app Purchase page. While the app didn’t have any obvious free ways of earning credits, once I hit the X it offered me free gems. The developers will want you to pay for the extras, and this is why the offers may be hidden. It may require a bit of persistence to find your freebies.
Tomb Raider Relic Run app

Tomb Raider Relic Run app

Daily bonuses

Another option to make credits is to login to your apps’ every day to receive any bonuses. Bonuses usually increase in value every day, even if I don’t feel like playing that day I will just login and get my bonus. As an example, here are the current bonuses for the Disney Tsum Tsum app:
Disney Tsum Tsum app

Disney Tsum Tsum app

Request from your friends

An old favourite is connecting the app to Facebook and requesting items from your friends. Try not to spam people will requests. Make sure to return the favour if someone sends you something. I find people are more likely to send you items if you send them something first.

As you can see, there’s no reason to buy in-app credits! It’s quick and easy to make credits for free and still enjoy the gaming experience. You can complete offers, get your daily bonuses and request items from you friends! Another way to put some pennies in the savings jar.

Have you ever used any of these to avoid paying for in-app credits?

summer fun

With the summer holidays just around the corner, you may be worrying about the added expense of keeping the kids entertained. Well, fear not! You can keep everyone entertained and keep your bank account happy.

Here are my ideas for fun and free summer activities that all the family can enjoy:

summer fun

  1. Go to the library
  2. Go on an exploration walk and take photos of what you find
  3. Visit local museums
  4. Create a summer scrapbook
  5. Make homemade pizzas
  6. Bake and decorate salt dough ornaments
  7. Play hide and seek
  8. Go blackberry picking
  9. Get creative with chalk on the path outside
  10. Draw each other’s portraits
  11. Write and put on a play
  12. Have a water fight
  13. Go on a bike ride
  14. Make daisy chains
  15. Climb trees
  16. Collect shells or pebbles
  17. Go to local free events
  18. Visit a local farmyard armed with carrots
  19. Go to the river and feed the ducks
  20. Make a fort
  21. Have a sleepover
  22. Make a create-you-own-sundae station
  23. Introduce them to your favourite childhood movies
  24. Create a scavenger hunt
  25. Write short stories
  26. Make a selfie video (in the style of Beyonce’s 7/11 video)
  27. Have a crafts day
  28. Bake cookies
  29. Go to the park
  30. Play dress-up with whatever you can find
  31. Play blind man’s bluff
  32. Look for fossils
  33. Create a cinema at home experience
  34. Go swimming
  35. Make doll clothes
  36. Play board games
  37. Visit local art galleries
  38. Keep a sketchbook
  39. Have a pamper day
  40. Go pond dipping
  41. Have a water fight
  42. Go to a local nature reserve

I also really love these printables free from Disney Family, including the colouring and activity pages. Checkout the Wilderness Explorer Checklist! (you may have to edit the lizard and the hummingbird boxes)

What are your tips for fun and free summer activities?