how to get free and reduced price Lush

Lush was my first proper job. I worked at Lush for five years, starting in 2005 when I was 16. I left after leaving for university, but still did a few shifts in the holidays. When I started, it was because my boss gave in and gave me a job after I asked for a job every time I came in! Lush definitely became my second family and it’s still a great part of my identity today.

Lush don’t offer many discounts on their products so they aren’t cheapened, which I think is fair as that’s what makes Lush products a great treat.

As it’s loved by so many, I want to share my tips of the trade to show you how to get freebies and the best savings. While Lush don’t offer many discounts, there are some available so you can get your mitts on some Lush products for a fraction of the price.

How to get free and reduced price Lush


Boxing Day Sales

Undoubtedly, the best time of year to get half price Lush products is Boxing Day and the following days.

Previously the Boxing Day sales were limited only to in-store transactions but now you have the beauty of the online sale. You’ll have to get online early though, this year the demand was so high I didn’t even get off the queue and on the website until 10PM, by which time the sale had ended! The wait is worth it though, you can get a hefty amount of product for 50% off.

In-store the sale usually continues until all the Christmas stock is gone.

Bring back five black pots for a free fresh face mask

To encourage you to recycle their pots, Lush will give you a fresh face mask of your choice absolutely free! Just bring back five black pots and you’ll be able to swap it for any mask you fancy.

With the fresh face masks prices starting at £6.95 it’s well worth saving those pots.

Ask for samples

Try before you buy. Lush loves to hand out samples of their products, so if you want to try something just ask and you’ll get a generous sample to take home.

Book a lush party

In our store we would often host in-store parties, or attend events. The in-store parties would consist of treatments and a chance for you to have the shop all to yourselves. I’ve worked at events giving demonstrations and sharing information, at everywhere from Fresher’s Week to black-tie shin-digs.

This might vary store to store but ask if your local store does events. You’ll secure a freebie, a fun night and some food and drink too.

Work there

I started working at Lush to pay for my addiction. We all used to say that our wages just went straight back in the till! Lush offer 50% staff discount, (which I miss so much) and there’s always products to try out and take home.

Stay connected

It’s always helpful to get on good terms with your local Lushies too, you never know when there’s some freebies going.

Keep an eye on your local stores Facebook or Twitter pages for any events.

Get the most out of your products

You want your products to last as long as possible so you can get the most out of them. It’s easy for some products to disappear quickly if not cared for properly.

 Store them properly

  • Store in a cool dry place, away from moisture.
  • Wrap well in grease-proof paper, plastic, or any kind of tin or tub.
  • Keep an eye on dates. Here’s a handy infographic on how long Lush products last:


 Shop smart

  • Did you know shampoo bars are good for 80 washes? At the average price of £6.25 a bar, that’s just £0.08 a wash!
  • Shampoo bars can be used to hand wash clothes. Great for taking on holiday.
  • Lush shampoos can also be used as shower gel.
  • Ultrabland and Ultrabalm are both great multipurpose products. Think of them like the Vaseline of the Lush world.

What are your favourite Lush products?






original factory shop

I have recently discovered the wonders of the Original Factory Shop! After Somerfield went bust, the Original Factory Shop moved in to claim the space in my town. Well, that was a few years ago now and I’ve only just gone to investigate! Shameful. After I saw a great offer on OPI nail varnishes (3 for £10) in a leaflet that came through the letterbox, I couldn’t resist.

I ended up getting carried away and buying all of the following:

Calvin Klein Tutu –Currently £3.99 on Amazon
Loreal Color Riche in Parisian Rooftops – Currently £4.99 on Boots
OPI Deutsch you want me baby – Currently £7.96 on Amazon
OPI Golden waves – Currently £4 on Amazon
OPI Pink it through – Currently £7.99 on Amazon
Loreal Color Riche Lipstick in Freshly Candy – Currently £4.49 on Amazon
Loreal Color Riche Lipstick in Freshly Rosy – Currently £5.23 on Amazon
Calvin Klein Lipstick in Victorious – Currently £3.99 on Amazon


Going by today’s totals I could have spent £42.64. I spent just £22 total in the Original Factory Shop. That’s a huge saving of £20.64!

The OPI nail varnishes were 3 for £10. Unfortunately I’ve misplaced my receipt so I’m not sure of the exact prices of the others. It was a great trip, and I’m set for pretty much the year for nail varnish and lipsticks! They had a great selection of current dvds on offer and great prices on cans of coke. If you’re like me and need your caffeine fix this could save you ££! The products on offer is quite similar to that of PoundStretcher. There’s clothing, homewares, appliances, dvds, beauty, food and many more.

Why not have a look through the leaflet to see the current offers:


Notice the OPI nail varnishes are still 3 for £10, and the Loreal nail varnishes are just £1.50!

I’ll definitely shop at the Original Factory Shop again. All these items are all really high quality, and at those prices they’re irresistible! Why not see if there’s a shop in your area?