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Your skills are in demand, and now it is easier than ever to sell online. If you’re looking for some extra income, why not sell one of your skills online?

Maybe you’re a whizz with spreadsheets? Maybe you can crank out an engaging blog post? Maybe you’re great at creating headers? Whatever it is, why not try to market it online.

My favourite site for this is PeoplePerHour.

What is PeoplePerHour

On PeoplePerHour you can buy and sell ‘hourlies’, which are the skills that people buy or sell, sold in hour-long slots. In the past I have sold hourlies of my GIF making skills. When you sign up, you get a three-month free qualifying period. If you sell two hourlies with positive reviews in that time then you can remain on PeoplePerHour for free.

I recommend not taking on more work than you can handle, as bad reviews will reflect badly on you. In the settings you can manage your maximum number of hourlies at one time, and also set holiday hours.

You can message back and forth on PeoplePerHour. It’s important to see out exactly what is expected of you, and exactly what it is you’re charging for. You can add paid extras to your hourlies, in which people can pay more for things that include more time or faster delivery of your work.

When buyers pay for your skills and the money is placed in Escrow. Once everything has been satisfactorily arranged and completed, the money will be sent over to your wallet. Take in to account that PeoplePerHour takes fees; here for example I was paid £6 for an hourlie, and after all the relevant fees I was left with £4.71:


Payment is swift and easy, you can use the following to receive payment:


Why should I use PeoplePerHour?

Not only will you get extra income, it will look good on your C.V. You may also gain added confidence in your skills and abilities!

Why not link your profile to your LinkedIn page and add your new freelance work to your work experience?

How to get started

You can sign up for PeoplePerHour with my referral code here.

Spend time looking around and getting to know the site. I’d recommend looking for people who are selling the same skills that you intend to, and seeing what they do well on the site. See how they sell themselves in their descriptions’ and profile. Take this into account when you’re setting up your profile.

The competition can be fierce, so list what makes you unique, why people should take a chance on you. Take the time to proofread and rewrite your profile, and use high quality images too. You want to look as professional and inviting as possible.

There is more information on how everything works here. It’s all really easy to set up, and you should be able to figure the ins-and-outs intuitively, but there are useful guides if you get stuck.

If you enjoy PeoplePerHour you can receive £30 for every friend you refer!

Good luck, let me know how it goes!

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