Instant Rewards app update

instant rewards

Instant Rewards app update

One of my old favourites, Instant Rewards, has just released a new update.

Instant Rewards is a money-making app that pays you for watching videos and completing offers.

What’s new?

This new update has seen an overhaul of the offer page. The old sparsely-filled offers page has been replaced with a selection of offer walls.

instant rewards app

Also with this update, two of the gift cards have been removed from the rewards options. You will now need 1000 credits to cash-out, up from the 750 needed previously, but the credits-to-cash rate still remains the same.

instant rewards app


My thoughts

I’m excited to see these changes. For the last few months it had become harder and harder to earn credits with the offer walls practically always empty. There are some great potential earners now with the addition of the well-known offer walls. I used to be able to cash-out once a month, but that had changed to once every few months. After this update, I think it will go back to being quite profitable.

Get Instant Rewards today

Instant Rewards is available for download for both iOS and Android. Get 10 credits to start you off with my referral code: tLTX2mbjNKktZ
update: they deleted and didn’t pay. Stay clear!

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