Get cashback on your shopping with Quidco


What is Quidco?

Quidco is a site that gives you cashback when you shop online and even in-store. It’s the site that pays you to shop.

What’s the catch? There isn’t one!

Quidco simply gets paid by retailers for successful transactions, and then passes some of this commission on to you. There’s no hidden charges, no surprise fees waiting to catch you out. The only drawback is that you sometimes have to wait a while for your cashback to reach you – see below the difference between the ‘purchase’ and ‘updated’ dates.


Quidco also features Clicksnap, online or via an app, where you can earn money for buying certain items from your supermarket and uploading the receipt. You can also earn money by completing paid surveys with Quidco Opinions.

How do I use Quidco?

When you plan on purchasing something, simply open Quidco, search for the relevant site and click on the ‘visit retailer and get cashback’ button. This will open the chosen website (which you use as usual) in a new tab and anything you purchase will be recorded by Quidco and you will receive notification of your cashback. It couldn’t be easier!

Your cashback will then be tracked, and eventually paid out to you. You can get paid with BACS or PayPal. Premium members can choose to be paid in Amazon vouchers, to which Quidco adds a 6% payout bonus.

My experience with Quidco

I first started using Quidco in September 2012, when I spotted a good offer for Disneyland Paris cashback. I’d just started a new job a couple of weeks before, and for the first time ever I had a massive disposable income! So my Quidco experience started with quite a few splurges.

I have had to raise claims’ a few times when my cashback hasn’t come through, or has been rejected by the retailer. The claim form is really straight-forward to use, and my cashback claims were all updated within about three weeks.

One thing with Quidco is the whole process can be quite slow. At present I’m waiting on cashback from purchases I made in April. But then again, you do get a nice surprise when your cash is available! I once logged in and had £25 waiting for me, which I then swiftly spent on myself.

Don’t expect for it to be money straight in your pocket, you will have a nice wait ahead of you. For free money though, it’s pretty great.

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I love Quidco

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