Free Summer Activities for you and the Kids

summer fun

With the summer holidays just around the corner, you may be worrying about the added expense of keeping the kids entertained. Well, fear not! You can keep everyone entertained and keep your bank account happy.

Here are my ideas for fun and free summer activities that all the family can enjoy:

summer fun

  1. Go to the library
  2. Go on an exploration walk and take photos of what you find
  3. Visit local museums
  4. Create a summer scrapbook
  5. Make homemade pizzas
  6. Bake and decorate salt dough ornaments
  7. Play hide and seek
  8. Go blackberry picking
  9. Get creative with chalk on the path outside
  10. Draw each other’s portraits
  11. Write and put on a play
  12. Have a water fight
  13. Go on a bike ride
  14. Make daisy chains
  15. Climb trees
  16. Collect shells or pebbles
  17. Go to local free events
  18. Visit a local farmyard armed with carrots
  19. Go to the river and feed the ducks
  20. Make a fort
  21. Have a sleepover
  22. Make a create-you-own-sundae station
  23. Introduce them to your favourite childhood movies
  24. Create a scavenger hunt
  25. Write short stories
  26. Make a selfie video (in the style of Beyonce’s 7/11 video)
  27. Have a crafts day
  28. Bake cookies
  29. Go to the park
  30. Play dress-up with whatever you can find
  31. Play blind man’s bluff
  32. Look for fossils
  33. Create a cinema at home experience
  34. Go swimming
  35. Make doll clothes
  36. Play board games
  37. Visit local art galleries
  38. Keep a sketchbook
  39. Have a pamper day
  40. Go pond dipping
  41. Have a water fight
  42. Go to a local nature reserve

I also really love these printables free from Disney Family, including the colouring and activity pages. Checkout the Wilderness Explorer Checklist! (you may have to edit the lizard and the hummingbird boxes)

What are your tips for fun and free summer activities?

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