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Loot app

With Loot! you get paid for completing fun tasks, and sharing links for brands’ on Facebook or Twitter. Current examples can be seen below:

Loot screencap

The tasks I’ve been paid for include: taking a photo recreating my favourite movie scene, taking a photo of something I’ve baked using Betty Crocker ingredients, taking a photo of my favourite bottle of wine, and many more. Most campaigns pay $0.50+ for completion of the tasks, shout-outs to Facebook or Twitter usually pay $0.05+ each.  Entries are moderated so can be rejected if they don’t fulfil all the requested steps.

New to Loot! is a daily reward of at least $0.05. You have to complete a few simple tasks and then you will have access to the daily reward and an app wall, where you can make money for downloading apps. The Peanut Labs wall is also available in the app.

The payment threshold is $10.00, which cashes to PayPal.

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The Loot! app is available for both iOS and Android.

Update: Loot! seem to have gone AWOL, and aren’t responding to anyone or cashing out.

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