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Looking for a new money-making app? FeaturePoints rewards you for downloading apps.

Simply click on an offer, download and open the app, keep it open for a short time, and then return to FeaturePoints for your points.

Here’s an example of the app offer page:
FeaturePoints offers

FeaturePoints offers

Your points are usually credited immediately, sometimes however, your downloaded apps will be shown as pending for a little while. You will only be credited if this is a brand-new download for you, it won’t work on apps you have downloaded in the past. Make sure to complete any in-app tutorials too, otherwise the downloaded app may not register as opened and you won’t be credited.

FeaturePoints isn’t in the iOS App Store, so you will need to go to their website to download it. You can use FeaturePoints through your mobile browser if you’d prefer. It’s not available in the App Store as I think the whole model of downloading apps for money violates App Store rules, but it still works if you download it directly from FeaturePoints. I’ve seen similar apps moving their offers from app to browser like this, so don’t worry about the legitimacy of it, it’s legit!

If your account sits inactive for 60 days your points will return to zero, so make a point to open the app at times to keep your account active.

Refer Your Friends For More Points

The happy face in the top left of the above screenshot shows how many people referred, while the top right shows the FeaturePoints total. Similarly, the red numbers below show how many FeaturePoints can be made for downloading that app, and the bonus that can be made if referred friends download it too.

FeaturePoints has a great referral system; for every person you refer, you get 50% worth of the points they make for life! How’s that for a deal?


FeaturePoints has a great selection of gift cards just waiting for you. There’s the standard PayPal and Amazon vouchers, but also XBox, Google Play, Minecraft and many more.

The £1 Amazon voucher is totally achievable at 900 points.
FeaturePoints rewards

FeaturePoints rewards

My Experience 

I found out about FeaturePoints through a post that went viral on Tumblr. I was too impatient, so originally deleted it, but I’ve started using it again.

It’s one of my apps that I check once a day. It requires little effort and it’s only a few clicks to download any apps for your rewards. I keep it in my list of quick and easy slowburner apps.

Get Featurepoints today

FeaturePoints is available for Android and iOS (if accessed via their website: Go to featurepoints.com on your mobile browser and follow the instructions.)

Sign up with my referral code to get 50 points: 7Z4XZP

What’s your experience with FeaturePoints?

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