Blogger’s Chat with The Frugal Teen

Blogger’s Chat with The Frugal Teen

After a (not so) short break, I am back with something new! I am joined today by the lovely Annelies, AKA The Frugal Teen, to chat about how she makes and saves money.

Welcome Annelies, and thanks for joining me today!

I know you were young when you started, when and how did you first start saving money?

I was probably about 14 when I really started getting into freebies and refusing to pay a lot of money for things such as presents. To this day I still go to the same make-up counters for foundation samples rather than buying the full product!

What do your friends and family think of your lifestyle?

As a (just turned) 19 year old, I think my family appreciate it a lot as it means I don’t spend so much at university but I think it’s considered very uncool when you’re a teenager. When you’re an adult you’re friends might go “oh wow, teach me how you do that,” whereas a teen friend says “I’m going to teach you how to spend!”

Having said that, recently friends have been asking if I have a discount for this or if I’ve come across an offer on some product or another; so I think my reputation is turning more positive!

Would you describe your love of scoring freebies and savings as your hobby?

I would say so yeah, except I spend a lot more time on it than an ordinary hobby. Actually, I’d describe it more as my lifestyle… being cheap; I think that’s a good summary.

Being a student, how does being frugal impact your university life?

Being frugal means that I worry less about finances in the future. If I save some euros each week, then that’s a few euros less of potential debt and can go towards more important things like a later holiday.

I think being frugal is also helpful for studying and being organised because I’m less tempted to go out every weekend partying etc. and I’m less tempted to buy food at the cafeteria so I become more organised in the morning as a result so I can pack my lunch. There are many more examples though.

What are your favourite ways to save money?

Definitely cashback. The hauls you see people get is really extraordinary. I intend to start writing to more companies for coupons though.

What are your favourite ways to make money?

For me Shopitize is super easy (I’ve earnt over £30 in Amazon vouchers with it so far) as well as survey sites. Some sites such as Toluna takes years and (in my opinion) are pointless, but some like GfKmedia and YouGov can earn you money quickly.

If not, then a part-time job is obviously more efficient but studying at university doesn’t leave enough time for that unfortunately.

I wish I knew all of this when I was at university! How has saving and making money impacted your life?

I think it’s made me become more mature and less materialistic. I associate objects with money not pleasure. So where some girls might see a make-up palette and think “I’m missing that in my life, I need it,” I think “oh my gosh that’s so much money, I’m much happier with my current one. I don’t need that it’s a waste.”

It’s also prepared me for the future when I will have to save: for a house or for a family etc. It won’t be a shock to the system when I can’t go shopping every week. For me that’s super important and almost an achievement as I am surrounded by temptations and pressures so it makes me happy that I can overcome these and save.

It’s a important skill to learn and you’ve mastered it young! How long do you spend searching for savings? Can you talk us through your general routine?

Not as much as I used to for obvious reasons unfortunately. It’s hard to put a figure on it because I like looking up deals etc. whenever I have time so if I have lots of time I’ll be doing lots of searching!

What are your favourite accounts and blogs to follow?

The Mini Millionaire

Savvy Couponing and Cashback (fb page)

Extreme Couponing and Cash Back UK (fb page)

Emma Drew’s blog

Some great favourites there! What saving are you most proud of from 2016?

Moving abroad to uni so I could save over £7k a year!

I hope that I will be able to graduate with no/very little debt!

That is a tremendous saving, congratulations! Tell me, what are your goals for 2017?

To get all birthday presents and Christmas presents for under £10 and be more proactive in my DIY attempts. I always see good crafts I want to try out.

And finally, what tips would you have for someone who wanted to follow in your steps?

Start by following the basic sites like LatestFreeStuff and then start following pages on Facebook by typing in key works like coupons and cashback and UK. Here you’ll find many pages where people contribute deals etc.

Then you can start googling for coupons and downloading cashback apps. From here on be original and see how you can save money!

Thank you for joining me today, Annelies. It’s been an absolute pleasure, and I wish you great savings for 2017!

You can find The Frugal Teen on Twitter and Instagram, and her blog.



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