Bet on your weight-loss with DietBet


Carrying on with this week’s weight loss theme, let me tell you about DietBet.

Bet on your weight-loss with DietBet

DietBet is a site that lets you bet on your weight loss. If you lose the weight in the specified time then you get your money back, and a share of the pot money.

When members join a game, all the money goes in to the pot. At the end of the game, the winners get to split the money between them. If you win you are guaranteed not to lose your money! You will get your money back, and also some extra.

It’s all very easy, and it’s a great motivator. Occasionally famous faces from the health and fitness world will host a game; in the past DietBet has hosted games by Jillian Michaels, Cassey Ho and many more.

How it works

Start by browsing the games to see if one takes your fancy. There are loads to choose from, with different bet amounts and durations. All the games are split in to either Kickstarter or Transformer games; a Kickstarter game involves less time and a smaller weight loss goal, while Transformer is a longer period and with a bigger weight loss goal. Find out more about both:


To start off you need to confirm your starting weight. To do this you’ll take two photos; one of yourself on your bathroom scales, in front of a long mirror, and the other of your feet on the scales with your weight and a keyword visible. This just stops any cheating to keep the bets fair.

There’s a short wait for your weight to be approved, then you’re ready to start your bet! You can post updates in the game thread, and weigh-in as often as you’d like. Your bet page is also a great place to get talking to the DietBet community.

At the end of the bet period, you have a couple of days to confirm your finishing weight. If you’re a winner you send photo verification of your weight and then wait for your cash! You can then cash out to PayPal or put your money towards another game.

My experience

I’ve used DietBet a few times. I first signed-up because I didn’t want to join a slimming group again, but I still wanted that bit of motivation to lose weight. DietBet was just what I needed. I’d keep focused on my weight loss, because I’d be thinking about what I’d spend my winnings on! It really helped give me that little push I needed, much like the thought of the weekly weigh-in at Weight Watchers would have done.

Last year I had to cancel one of my DietBets after my head injury. The customer service was great and I got a full refund with no problems. My experience of DietBet has all been positive, so I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Join DietBet today

Go to their website to join. DietBet also have an app, which can be found on both iOS and Android.

Be sure to Gamble Aware, and don’t bet any money you can’t afford to lose.

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