Beginner’s Guide to Comping

beginner's guide to comping

Beginner’s Guide to Comping

Quite simply, comping is the hobby of entering competitions. For no money at all, you can experience the anticipation and thrill of a potential win. All you need to spend is time and you have yourself a potentially lucrative hobby.

With hundreds of competitions to enter every day, there’s always something to waiting to be won. You may be the lucky one winning that voucher, or even a car or holiday! Comping is the ideal hobby for everyone, but especially those with small budgets.

The traits of any good comper are patience and persistence; you can go a while without winning anything, but then be surprised with a great win. I was close to giving up when I won an expensive printer with a year’s worth of ink, which made all my effort worth it!

You’ll find a method of entering competitions that works for you. You may prefer to use certain sites more than others, or have a certain time you like to enter competitions.

So where can you enter competitions, and what tools of the trade do you need?

My favourite sites

Comping tools

  • For filling out forms quickly, consider a plugin such as Autofill Forms.
  • Create a separate email account for entering competitions. You will get a lot of spam. Just check the account regularly to see if you’re a winner.
  • For entering Facebook or Twitter competitions use your normal account, special dedicated accounts are generally frowned upon. If you do make separate accounts just make sure to post personal posts now and then.

Beware of sites that may sell your details, or send you a lot of spam. If a site looks too good to be true, it probably is. Avoid sites like Vaniki and MyOffers. There’s a detailed list of sites you can and can’t trust on Super Lucky.

My experience

I first decided to start Comping regularly after seeing a show on TLC about it. These people were winning big prizes all the time, and while I haven’t won a car, I still feel great for winning a printer!

When I’m sat there entering competitions I don’t feel like I’m wasting my time. It’s like I’m creating all these possibilities and bettering my luck. As they say, you have to be in it to win it.

I generally set aside a couple of hours every Sunday to enter competitions. Sunday’s are always quiet so it’s a nice way to keep me occupied. I work through the week’s competitions on The Prize Finder; my system is to find and highlight (ctrl and F) the competitions I have to register for so I can avoid them (because registering is annoying!), then I’ll just enter the ones that catch my eye.

I only started comping earlier this year and so far it’s really paying off, so far I’ve won:

  • This HP Printer with a year’s worth of printer ink
  • A £50 Debenhams voucher
  • A plush squirrel from the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Musical
  • 3 children’s beakers
  • A party kit with balloons and invitations
  • Easter eggs

I’ve very proud of my little wins. If I devoted more time to entering competitions, I’m sure I could win more, but I’m happy so far. Maybe I’ll up my game in the future, who knows!

So there you have a brief look into the world of comping. I hope this has proven helpful, and you’re on your way to winning something wonderful.

Seasoned compers, what have been your best and favourite wins?

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