5 tips to maximize your ebay profits

When selling online, profit is key. Rising eBay and PayPal charges and unexpected post and packing charges can really eat in to your earnings.

Here are my 5 tips to maximize your eBay profits:

List at the right time

Schedule your items to end when people are likely to be home, this way more people will be able to see the listing and bid. I usually like my items to finish after 7.30PM, when most people would have finished their evening meal and picked up their gadgets.

Take advantage of free listing weekends. A few times a year eBay offers free listing for the weekend, meaning you can avoid any of the fees associated with listing an item. Keep an eye on the announcements page as they usually only give a couple of days notice.

Make your listing POP!

Be as descriptive as possible to satisfy potential buyers.

Enter loads of keywords in the title. Don’t worry if it looks weird. More keywords, means there’s more chance of people finding your listing. So instead of listing “size 12 top” try “Size 12 White Top from River Island. Patterned.”

Make the description work for you. Add anything unique or defective that may be of interest to someone looking to buy your item.

Take good photos

On an eBay listing your first 12 photos are free. Take full advantage of this with attractive photos that make your item appealing. You don’t need a fancy camera, your phone will do.

Make use of natural light, position the item well, and keep the photo free from distractions. Appealing photos can make all the difference to your final sale price by getting people to stop and look at your listing.

Weigh your items

Avoid any surprise out-of-pocket costs by weighing your items to determine the correct postage required. It is so easy to misjudge the weight or size of the item which can lead to you paying extra for the correct posting.

Weigh your item before you choose your shipping options, a cheap set of kitchen scales would do the trick.

Be smart with packaging

If you’re selling a lot of items, why not invest in a box of jiffy bags? Buying in bulk now can save you a great expense in the long run.

Why not hoard jiffy bags and bubble wrap when you receive them through the post? Store them and reuse them later. I never pay for bubble wrap as I always seem to have some stored away.

So there we have it, my 5 tips to maximize your eBay profits. Following these tips can maximize your eBay earnings time and time again.

What are your eBay tips?

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