5 things to buy now to save you money later

5 things to buy now to save you money later

Shop when supermarket stock is being marked down

My favourite time to do my food shop is around 7.30PM on a Friday, which is when my local Morrisons marks its food down.
5p sandwiches? Yes please.
10p vegetables? Hell yes!
I like to stock up and make full use of my freezer. One of these days I’m going to buy myself a chest freezer so I can get more bargains! It is easy to get carried away when everything’s so cheap, so just remember to only buy things you know you will eat.

Buy in bulk

Great savings are to be had by buying in bulk. If you know you will need something in the future, consider buying in bulk.

I bought a box of 100 Jiffy Bags for my eBay selling, for only £9* from Amazon. In my local shop one Jiffy bag sets me back around 50p! That’s a whopping saving of £41!

We’re big fans of Costco in my household. To gain membership you do have to work in a certain profession, and pay an annual fee, but to us the huge savings we make every year overrides this fee – like this 48 pack of toilet rolls at £19.99, works out at only 42p a roll

A small expense now can save you £££s later.

*it is currently only £7.40

Buy before you go

When options are in short demand prices will be competitive: cinemas, fairs, theme parks, and holiday locations. Some examples include:
  • Disney Princess dresses
  • Food and drink
  • Sparklers for the bonfire
  • Holiday essentials
  • Theme park tickets
 Buy before you go to avoid paying over-inflated prices later.

Buy presents in the sales

I snagged this idea from my sister; she is so organised that she gets things in the sales for significantly less than retail price, and then hoards them until they’re needed – and it’s always good quality stuff, like make-up like Stila or Urban Decay.

Sale prices do not not have to mean low quality.

Seasonal items will be on sale as the season draws to a close, which is always a good time to check for any bargains. If you have some money and you spot something that would make a good present snag it and save yourself bundles later. It also saves the stress of the mad scramble for last-minute gift buying.

Know when to splash the cash

I’m sure we’ve all been there; buying a cheaper item because it looks OK. but then it breaks, and you have to shell out for another one, and you regret not buying the higher quality item in the first place.

To avoid the expensive of replacing items, buy clothes and shoes that were made to last. I am not exaggerating when I say I’ve had the same pair of sandals for ten years now. Birkenstocks will survive along with the cockroaches when we’re long gone, let me tell you. Well designed and well-cared-for items will last you.

What things do you buy in advance to save you money later?

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