10 effortless ways to save cash

10 effortless ways to save cash

I’m a reformed spender. While my sister hoarded her money, I wanted this and that, right now! Realising I needed to grow up and start saving for my future, I started my savings small. As they say, pennies make pounds. Here are 10 effortless ways to save cash now, so you’ll be rolling in it later.

Create a budget

Get to grips with your finances; eliminate any nasty surprises by keeping on top of a budget. You’ll be able to see if there’s anything you could do differently to save yourself money.

Round up your bank balance

A little habit I’ve gotten into now and then is rounding up my bank balance to the nearest £1 and then putting that difference in cash in to my savings. When it gets to a certain amount I transfer that to my main savings account. It’s surprising how quickly it adds up.

If you prefer, there are a few banks that will do this automatically for you. See if your bank has a Save the Change system.

Have a jar for £1 or £2 coins

Get a nice savings amount going by saving all your £1 and £2 coins. Resist dipping into your savings by buying an Authentic Terramundi Money Pot, which you will need to smash if you want to get to your money.

Get rid of your coppers

If £1 or £2 coins are too much to part with, empty your pockets of shrapnel into a money-box at the end of the day. Collect any you find throughout the day, you’ll be surprised how many people just throw their pennies in the bin!

Always check for cashback and vouchers

Make it a habit of always checking for voucher codes of cashback offers before your purchase something. Check QuidCo, TopCashback and Shopitize for cash back. My favourite site for voucher codes is HotUKDeals.

Set up a direct payment from your account into a savings account

If you’re able to save a set amount of money each month, why not make it untouchable by setting up a direct debit. View it as just another non-negotiable bill that comes out and you’ll build up a nice amount in savings.

Get a credit card that offers rewards

It’s time to stop viewing credit cards as evil contraptions and take advantage of what they can offer. Use it to pay for something you’ll be buying each month anyway such as your Netflix bill, and reap the rewards. If you keep fully on top of the payments you’ll also help improve your credit score.

Plan your meals

Make a meal plan and shopping list, and try your best to stick to it. I use a Weekly Planner Desk Pad to organise my weekly meals, and save myself a fortune on wasted food.

Always check if there’s cheaper options

For example, when I rent movies on my Amazon Fire TV Stick, I will choose standard definition, rather than high-definition. This gives me a saving of at least £1 every time, and the picture quality is still miles better than any DVD I own.

When viewing select “More ways to watch” and then select rent in SD.

This could also include swapping down a quality level on food in supermarkets. If you usually buy premium items in supermarkets, try swapping for the normal items for a change.

Check if you can find it online free, first

Completely not condoning illegal activity, sometimes a quick Google search will turn up what you’re searching for. I can’t count the amount I saved during university by checking Google Books or Goodreads for free copies of my texts.

Do you have any other ways to effortlessly save cash?

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